Solutions to power quality problems require accurate network analysis using reliable simulation software. HARMONIZER performs studies of both low and high voltage networks with regard to:

  • Harmonic resonances
  • Effects of installing harmonic generating loads and filters
  • Overloading of transformers, capacitors and other loads
  • Network harmonic impedance
  • Coupling transients
  • Transient stresses in switches and across the insulation of cables, support insulators, capacitors, etc.
ceramic ball bearings of silicon nitride Si3N4 and zirconium dioxide ZrO2

We use well-proven simulation tools Neplan, Cyme and EMTP as follows

Parameters Program Simulation
Tension NEPLAN, CYME Load flow analysis
Current NEPLAN, CYME Load flow analysis
Active effect NEPLAN, CYME Load flow analysis
Reactive effect NEPLAN, CYME Load flow analysis
Harmonic NEPLAN, CYME Harmonic analysis
Transients EMTP Transient analysis
Voltage dips EMTP Time domain analysis
Interference, supratones EMTP Time domain analysis

We also use in-house developed programs for dimensioning:

  • Filters for rectifier loads
  • Filter for eliminating bearing currents in FRO driven motors
  • Filters for electric arc furnaces
  • Deflectors
  • Damping circuits

Harmonic analysis

Simulation of commutation dips.

Transient simulation. Cable entry

Ferroresonance analysis

Simulation of supratones